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Who should wear gradient compression garments?

People who have or are experiencing the following; Tired aching fatigued legs, swollen feet, ankles, legs, arms. Prolonged sitting & standing. Chronic venous insufficiency. Moderate & severe varicose veins. Expectant mothers. Experiencing Lymphedema.

Major Brands of Compression Wear

What is Lymphedema ?

Lymphedema is swelling that happens when lymph fluid can't flow normally and builds up in the soft tissues of a limb. Lymphedema usually happens in parts of the body where lymph nodes have been removed or damaged sometimes by cancer treatment. The risk of lymphedema increases with the number of lymph nodes that have been affected.  Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system. 


 Compression Garments: 

Compression garments are also called pressure garments, compression sleeves and lymphedema sleeves or stockings. They put a controlled amount of pressure on different parts of the arm or leg or other body parts to help move lymph  and keep it from building up. The garment may need to be worn all day, during waking hours. Night garments are available if needed. It is important to wear compression during air travel, because lymphedema can become worse at high altitudes. 


Stonechurch Pharmacy has a Certified Fitter on Staff and is approved as an ADP ( Assistive Devices Program) Fitter and Vendor. 

Please see the link on information regarding the ADP Program 




Application for Funding Pressure Modification Devices. Form:  

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