Blister Packs and More !

Have you ever sat there wondering if you took your medications this morning?

Ever counted the number of pills left in the bottle to try and figure out if you have the right number left?

Do you take your medications at the right time each day?

Medication adherence, or the extent which individuals take their medications, is the key to drug therapy. It has been found that the more complex the medication regimen, the lower the adherence. Studies have shown that up to half of prescription medications are not taken properly (i.e. taken at the wrong time, missed doses etc.).  When medications are missed or taken at the wrong time, the patient may suffer from unwanted side effects or worse the drug may not work at all.

At Stonechurch Pharmacy we offer many types of  blister packaging services for our clients. Medications are packaged into easy to use weekly cards, containers, pouches. They organize the medications to ensure that the correct medication is taken at the correct time each day. For each day of the week, medications can be  packaged into convenient time slots & days of the week. When a patient chooses to have their medications packaged, the pharmacist will review the medications to ensure that they are packaged in the appropriate time slots and that there are no drug interactions. This review occurs each time medications are packaged and when new medications are added to the regimen.

Patients can choose to either pick up their blister packs, or have them delivered on a weekly, biweekly, or on a monthly basis. These deliveries and pick-ups are automatically scheduled, so that your medications are ready for you the day before your blister package is scheduled to start!

                                                     CARE HOMES

 We simply want to let you know the services we offer and the BENEFITS to them. We believe in tailored person centered care. I will like to put the essence on care, we support resident dignity, with superior customer service and highly trained technicians. In most care homes monitored dosage systems are part of everyday life. We offer person centered approach, to achieve this we strive to know the patient, the patient’s essential requirements of care, any tailored healthcare requirements for each patient with emphasis on continuity of care and maintaining relationships. Enabling patients to actively participate in their care is also an option for patients who wish to manage their own medicines. Some care homes have also switched to having medicines dispensed in original packaging. This development has the goal of improving the patients experience through dignity and independence.

What ever you choose to offer your residents, it is with confidence we can offer appropriate pharmaceutical care, with knowledgeable pharmacists offering educated care advice. Open communication is encouraged for smooth transactions and dosage changes. This allows the patient / caregiver a higher degree of involvement in the patients care and better informed decisions.  Any inquiries you may have, our staff is here to assist you. Our pharmacists can also offer in-home visits for your patients to ensure essential drug information, prescribing, dosing and the dispensing of medication is optional for your residents. 

 Our weekly blister packing of medications is very popular with customers who have large quantities of medications or have trouble remembering to take their medications. This service helps ensure that your patients receive optional dosing and compliance of their prescription medications. We can also offer our PacMed System. It is ideal for use in assisted living, long term care and group homes with multiple patients where multiple caregivers administering medications and supplements. This system consists of a strip of cellophane pouches, containing multidose or unit dose medications and a Pouch Porter box to store them. This is also a great travel aid for individual patients. Stonechurch Pharmacy has the ability to customize the packaging medications and supplements into daily or multi-day pouches, which are clearly labelled with all necessary patient and drug information they can be customized with administration times and are easy to open.!

Let us at Stonechurch Pharmacy, be your solution to your multi-dosage systems. We offer free delivery of time sensitive medications in the Hamilton area including Ancaster, Dundas.

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