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About Us...

Stonechurch Pharmacy is located in the Hamilton Mountain community and is continuously expanding as it specializes in the products and services that it offers. We serve patients from all over Hamilton including downtown Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Mount Hope, Ancaster and Dundas. At our patient’s convenience, we offer a city wide home delivery service at no additional cost and worry free.


The staff at Stonechurch Pharmacy is committed to following the philosophy of providing better care, for better health. Our goal is to make a positive difference in our patient’s health and lives. We take pride in going above and beyond in what we offer by adding more of a personalized service that is tailored to the needs of each patient.

Our TEAM consists of:


A Compounding Pharmacist that has the passion for making difference in peoples health ,lifestyle and also being knowledgeable in homeopathy and alternative medicine. 


A Compounding Technician that specializes in all current forms of compounding medium from easy to swallow tablet to topical pain creams deal. An Ideal Protein Coach  / Patient Care Specialist, Skin Care Specialist

A Patient Care Specialist that specialized in Natural Product Adviser, ADP Certified Compression Stocking Fitter, DSO Bridging Facilitator Residential Care Homes and Ideal Protein Coach

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